Forms In Nature

Forms In Nature Works

I invest my interest and dedication digging out past forgotten memory hidden in the layers of our mental adaptations.

The inspirations appear as wormholes to a common consciousness. Mysteries that co-habit with us, right there waiting to be revealed out of the archive of Mother Nature.

The art constellation and the landscape of this collection reflect my thriving freedom, philosophy, values, depth, and connection.

-Pío Díaz


Botanical portrait of unwanted plants In the summer of 2015-16 …Continue reading

Mirror Oddities

What happens if the mirror does not reflect a logical …Continue reading

Sankt Katharinenkirche on fire

Frankfurt RheinMain, Germany, 6-11/4-2008 Sankt Katharinenkirche im feuer The artwork …Continue reading


In a brief moment, your idea can appear complete and …Continue reading

Forms in Nature

For visiting the official Forms in Nature website please click …Continue reading


Viewed from outside, the work is a great circle located …Continue reading


text By Gianni Mercurio As long as the Coliseum exists, …Continue reading


Metamorfoser by Lisbeth Bonde Print Kunstnerduoen Thyra Hilden & Pio …Continue reading


Framed ash. As fire destroys, the new will reappear from …Continue reading

Blood trophy

Mixed human blood and polymers. Pure blood text by Vivian …Continue reading

Venus & related works

-A reminder that fertility is not simply a given gift …Continue reading

Right here, where in the bright light the past and the present can recognize each other

text by Olga Miłogrodzka According to Jan Assmann – a …Continue reading

Haus Hardenberg

– architectural unit on a symbolic fire. THilden & Diaz …Continue reading

Copenhagen Cathedral on Fire

KØBENHAVN, Denmark, 1-9-2007 to 11-9-2007 Copenhagen Cathedral on Fire   …Continue reading

Fire as Spiritual and Holy Symbol

By Julie Damgaard The Eternal Fire The flame is an …Continue reading

VIDEO PYROMANIACS & pictures of fire related works

By Lisbeth Bonde Old Houses Ablaze Thyra Hilden & Pio …Continue reading

ARoS on Fire

Aarhus, Denmark. 17-1-2007 to 1-2-2007 ARoS on Fire Print Burning …Continue reading

Library on Fire

The Cradle It seems obvious to enact City on Fire …Continue reading

We Don’t Need No Water text & pictures of related works

By Line Rosenvinge We take pride in our cultural institutions. …Continue reading

The Trevi Fountain on Fire

Rome, Italy, New Year’s Eve, 2005 Removal of the Old …Continue reading