“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau. A famous quote of one of the most proclaimed naturalists and the ground philosophy to this work.

(Berlin 2008) During a visit to a collector house, Pio Diaz would be fascinated by the ideas and works of the Darwinists and naturalists. After an epiphanic contemplation of a painting by Caspar David Friedrich. which would wake up a strong passion for the concepts of the known universe to certain cultures by a period in the history of the human until now.

What is the world if not what we have seen and what has been presented to us? However, that reality and perception is a continuous change due to exploration and discoveries.

During the naturalist, the world suffers a strong transformation in the perception of nature as a center of the world, introducing new species, new forms, and new relations with nature.

The bliss and excitement from the clash and collapse between nature and culture, bringing shadows from the past and surrounding present spaces with it are the main interests of this work that would take in being develop something around 10 years of botanical research, illustration, 3d models techniques, casting processes, unique machinery development, and new materials.

The result is an atemporal elegant and delicate a shape fitter light installation. that blends between nature and spirit, form and shadow, past and present, and transmute nature from our own eyes.