PĂ­o DĂ­az is an artist with a strong interest in science. In his early years, he wanted to dedicate his professional career to chemistry and physics, only to discover literature and visual arts later in his life.

Today he is an avid researcher and creator, who gravites between arts and science, producing unique artworks on his quest for knowledge. Through different cultural perceptions, he investigates a variety of phenomena and thoughts around him, transforming them into artistic interpretations. His expression and style is often charged with poetic visual language and inspired by the fascinating transformations in nature.

Selected exhibitions

  • Minority Report, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2013
  • Bubble, ARoS museum, Denmark. 2011
  • Colosseum, Rome, Italy. 2010
  • Solidarity, Galeria Świętojańska, Gdańsk, Poland. 2009
  • Turn & Widen, Seoul Museum of art, Seoul, Korea. 2008
  • Luminale, Biennale of Lighting Culture, Frankfurt, Germany. 2008
  • Danish Video, Total Museum, Seoul, Korea. 2007
  • Reflection, PINCHUK Art Center, Kiev, Ukraine. 2007
  • ANSIGT, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Esbjerg, Denmark. 2007
  • Copenhagen Cathedral on fire, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2007
  • Aros on fire, ARoS, Århus, Denmark. 2007

Selected press & publications

  • Arte & performance (by Christina Clausen) “RAI 3, Italian television broadcast”
  • Outer Beauty (by David Sokol) “Architectural Record, magazine”
  • Digital Arsonist (by Clare Lowther) “Mark, magazine”
  • Vor Frue i flammer (by Bente Scavenius) “Børsen, Newspaper”
  • City on Fire “Aparatur 13, magazine”
  • ARoS on Fire “ARoS Museum of Art, catalogue” (Gitte Ørskov)
  • VIDEOPYROMANER (by Lisbeth Bonde) “Weekendavisen, Newspaper”
  • Aros i brand (by Hane WĂźrtz) “Politiken, Newspaper”
  • Tanker i flammer (by Trine Ross) “Politiken, Newspaper”
  • Aros i politisk barnd (by Tom Hermansen) “Jyllands Posten, Newspaper”
  • Kunstens Flammeskrift (by Hane WĂźrtz)) “Jyllands Posten, Newspaper”
  • The evolution of a museum (by Smith Hammer Lassen architects) “Outline, Catalogue”
  • Turn & Widen “Seoul Museum of Art, catalogue”
  • Kontestacje Sacrum (by Olga Miłogrodzka) “Art eon magazine”

Grants & sponsorships

  • CW Obels Fonden
  • Oticon Fonden
  • KunstrĂĽdets Billedkunstudvalg,
  • Statens Kunstfond
  • L. Zeuthens Fond
  • Danmark Nationalbanks JubilĂŚumsfond
  • Margot & Thorvald Dreyers Fond
  • EKHN
  • Stiftung
  • Ernst B. Sunds Fond
  • The Danish Institute in Rome
  • Kvadrat
  • Montana